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Our steel operations revolve around our six electric arc furnace (EAF) steel mills and numerous value-added coating operations, enabling us to handle roughly 13 million tons of steel shipping. We take pride in offering one of the most diversified portfolios of value-added products within the domestic steel industry. Moreover, we’re dedicated to providing innovative supply-chain solutions that exceed customer expectations, delivering enhanced value.

Furthermore, we operate under a circular manufacturing model, which prioritizes the production of high-quality, lower-carbon-emission steel using EAF technology, where recycled ferrous scrap serves as the primary input. This approach establishes Fabrik as an EAF steelmaking and circular manufacturing industry leader. The tireless efforts of our innovative teams in implementing climate change initiatives will further elevate our standards for sustainable steel production in the future.

Our jackets are designed with functionality and versatility in mind, perfect for tackling the elements while providing comfort and ease of movement. They come in vibrant, high-visibility colors, equipped with reflective stripes for safety, and are made from durable materials that stand the test of time.
The trousers we offer are as practical as they are comfortable, with options that include convertible designs for adaptability in various working conditions. They feature reinforced stitching and are available in bi-color options for enhanced visibility and style.
Our coveralls are comprehensive solutions for full-body protection, designed to offer freedom of movement while safeguarding from work-related hazards. They are made with robust materials and include functional pockets for convenience.
Engineered for comfort and freedom, our shorts are ideal for warm weather or indoor work environments. They maintain the high-visibility standards and durability found in our other workwear.
The vests are a perfect layer for transitional weather, offering extra warmth without restricting movement. They are lightweight, equipped with essential pockets, and feature the same high-visibility design as our other apparel.
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T-shirts and polos from Nizam Sons combine comfort with a professional look. They are crafted from breathable materials, making them suitable for both work and casual settings.
Our hoodies and sweatshirts are all about combining comfort with practicality. They are perfect for layering and are available in high-visibility options to ensure safety in all working conditions.
Completing the range, our accessories are thoughtfully designed to complement the workwear, from durable belts to functional bags, providing the finishing touch to the professional's attire.