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Item # RC-62


Rescue Fighter Glove is EN CUT level 3 performance glove with water barrier inside. Its protected palm with Kevlar® layer formulation under the FR treated water repellant split leather which has enhanced fire and flame resistance feature of this gloves. This enhanced leather gloves version along optimum Cut property and FR Kevlar® PVC Grip Patch on palm and thumb to protect against fire and grip the tools is suitable to handle all sort of rescue jobs in an environment which has potential cut hazard and hot objects. FR Kevlar grip palm patch give users more confidence to manage the impact and force of grip on palm side. Gloves stitching construction is made up of Kevlar® thread in its unique pattern formulating a keystone thumb and gun cut middle finger which is a durable part of this glove. Thumb with seams reinforcementcontrol pressure point while handing multiple objects at job and Elasticized cuff give comfort zone to users for their quick wear off. Kevlar® knitted wrist with split leather pul tab enhance protection as well as its functional purpose along steel hook to hang this fighter object in its off time.


FR Water Repellant Split Leather.
Keystone Thumb and Reinforced Kevlar® Seams.
Kevlar® lining with EN Cut 3 level.
Water Barrier let the hand remain dry while Rescue Operation.
Kevlar® Elasticized wrist cuff for easy wear on and off.
Steel hook for hanging the gloves.


Rescue Works
High Temperature Works
Hot Engine and Brake Changing
Hot Machines Handling
Limited Heat and Flame Works
Cut Hazards
Glass & Metal Handling
Tool Pushing
Cut Hazards


EN388 (4443), EN407  (3322XX)

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