Nizam Sons

Item # MN-61


Mining gloves designed with Hi Viz Orange TRI-Bumber that adds back of hand protection against impacts, lacerations and hammer blows. Prosynthetic leather palm with maximum dexterity is perfect for any performance work at mine. Reflective layer on Iconic knuckle illuminates against light and enhanced safety feature. Stitched vinyl TPR finger protection on back of hand motion with dedicated free areas and real impact protection at nails, fingers and thumb. Synthetic leather saddle reinforcement curb the pressure point.



Hi Visibility Orange Fabric for Greater Safety in low light.
Nails Pinch Protection with maximum Dexterity.
Pro Synthetic Leather tended wall of finger fourchettes.
Flex-Vent and Elasticized cuff for comfort and easy usage.
Vinyl loop for easy hanging at job or off job rack.



Search & Rescue
Mining & Petroleum Fields
Extreme Dragging & Rigging
Building Breach and Banding
Drilling & Boring Exercise



EN388 (2121)

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