Nizam Sons

painters 3/4 trouser
Item # TR-WW-807


The Mecdex Painter Trousers are capable of withstanding the rigors of a hard days work, with a thick 320gsm cotton twill construction and Cordura reinforced features to ensure their durability. These excellent painter trousers feature Cordura reinforced holster pockets, which when not in use can be easily stowed away in the spacious front pockets. The kneepad pockets & the side pocket has also been reinforced, the side pocket also specially re-purposed to accommodate painting tools & accessories.



Designed for Painter’s Work Experience
Two Hanging Holst er Pocket
Leg pocket for paintplaster tools.
Knee Protection
Leg pockets with dual compartments.
Pen pocket and phone pocket.
Retractable ID-pocket.



Heavy Constructions
Engineering Works
Auto Industry
Oil & Gas Industry
Multi Purpose


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