Nizam Sons


This family business roots starts back from the 1960's When 3 young men from a family came up with the idea of manufacturing and exporting surgical instruments from the city of sialkot,a small industrial city very famous for its craftsmanship of surgical, leather and spots goods.Due to the efforts and devotion of these young men, they became very successful as surgical instrument exporters.

Later in the early 1990's, their second generation tired to expand the business towards glove manufacturing and exporting. However, this was not consistently successful, until they came across a company based in Limoges, france, Which specialized in supplying very specific high quality working gloves to the factories of machelin (the world's largest rubber tyre manufacture). Due to the fact that the cost of manufacturing gloves in france continued getting higher and higher,the company was forced to transfer their manufacturing to Asia. However, they were not abel to source the same high quality of gloves from anywhere. This challenge was accepted and completed by us so successfully that within a few months, the french company clossed all manufacturing and shipped all of their machinery to pakistan, Which was the first real success on our road of gloves manufacturing. Today our group is one of the biggest manufacturing & exports for work wear including gloves & textile in pakistan. As of this year,according to offical US custom records We are currently the world's largest supplier of mechanics gloves to the USA. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to be done by current and upcoming generations...

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