Nizam Sons

Corporate Social Responsibility

when we talk about sustainability:

"it is not only the sustainability of our business progress, though priority to this philosopy is embedded in the environment sustainability in which we live, act and serve. Being a manufacturer of personal protective equipment, it is the core responsibility fo nizam sons to empower health and safety of all employees for their sustainable future".

Managing Director
(Environment Health and Safety Program)

To make it assure actor as a corporate social reposibility (CSR) antity, Nizam sons is curious to provide sustainable agenda that incorporates its employees and community, indeed.


To make air emissions less hazzardus and to ensure ambient air quality that makes ecological aura fresh and natural

To use hybrid filered plants that makes the chemical process environmentel friendly and empowers water conservation

To apply waste management and recycling methodology that, eventually, reduce the hazardous burden of raw materials on the community


Water filter plant imported from Holland at Nizam sons not onlt serves its internal audience of around 3000 employees but also provide free cleaned water to its around town population

Nizam sons under the health compliance provide first aid to all of its employees.Moreover, throughout the shift hour avilability of general physicians is compulsory in the factory premises

Planing up the health insurance of all employees at Nizam sons in the upcoming year 2012


We affirms benefits/allowance to the workers, intolerable policy against child labour and discrimination to provide safe work place

We have structural safety manuals of severals projects infrastructural, fire control system empowered with the support of Rescue 1199 and Fire Retardant arrangements for emergency happenings

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